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Social Health Support for Adolescents and Caregivers

Social Health Support for Adolescents and Caregivers

SHeSA is committed to address the challenges posed by the HIV/ AIDS pandemic and promotes creation of resource centers aimed at providing medical, material and psychological support services to adolescents and youth living with and affected by HIV/ AIDS.

We provide caregivers of children with disabilities psychosocial support, skills and resources to effectively care for children with disabilities. In partnership community-based centers, clinics, schools and other disability focused organizations, we enhance access to early childhood intervention services through direct service provision, referrals, mapping & innovation.

Early pregnancies among disabled adolescents in the larger lakeside and western Kenya region. Every year additional number of disabled teens get pregnant forcing them to motherhood at an alarmingly young age. It is important that teenagers comprehended the significance of abstinence, contraception, and consequences of choices they make even when they are differently-abled as it is their right.

SHeSA is currently rolling out counselling and mentorship programs for both genders in schools. SHeSA together with the schools has iniated local support groups for disabled Adolescent & young mothers dubbed ‘Shunammites” to signify women of great strength. This group target teenage mothers who have given birth and have gone back to school. These groups are also linked with the local health facilities to be able to access FP/ RMNCH/ NUTRITION services for them and their young ones.