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Social Health Space Africa (SHeSA) is a community-driven organization registered in Kenya that is working to end exclusion, discrimination, and violence towards adolescents with disabilities in marginalized communities. We work to reach those furthest from necessary services and opportunities by working with their caregivers and the communities around them. This helps these vulnerable group to build better lives for themselves, grow their resilience, and cultivate lasting behavior change.

SHeSA is an African, Women led, Social Health support and Advocacy organisation dedicated to improving health outcomes and addressing gender-based health disparities for adolescents and young persons with disabilities in Africa. SHeSA focuses on the social, economic, and cultural factors that contribute to unequal health outcomes for different genders, and works to promote gender-responsive healthcare and gender-inclusive social support.

SHeSA also exists to promote health seeking behavior/ health promotion, to promote productive work and economically productive lives within Kenya through capacity building, intergrated health support services, education support and mentorship, advocacy and strategic networking for agriculture and livelihoods support, WASH and nutrition interventions support, young mothers and teenagers’ empowerment & Education, human and child rights advocacy among others.

SHeSA has a strong multi-Disciplinary Governing council for all its overall governance operations. We also have a qualified core management team led by an Executive Director who oversees various projects. The wide spectrum of skills and experience of SHeSA staff assists the organization to have great impact on service delivery, financial efficiency and effectiveness, institutional capacity, grants management and MEAL, Monitoring, evaluation, learning and research.

Our mission is to build inclusive and resilient communities where adolescents and young persons with disabilities can thrive. We envision a fully inclusive Africa where adolescents and youth with disabilities can realize their maximum potential.

Our Values

Compassion: Adolescents and young persons with disabilities are at an increased risk of neglect, violence, stigma & discrimination. When parents, teachers, service providers, and community members recognize and understand these vulnerabilities, they can be more compassionate in their interactions with them. We aim to understand the background of each individual that we work with and identify the best way to support them

Innovation: We believe that Innovation for equity and equality in health systems is important because it can help to identify and address barriers that prevent adolescents and youth from accessing high-quality, respectful, and inclusive health care.  By fostering innovation and experimentation, it is possible to develop new approaches and solutions that can help to promote justice for all.

Accountability: Accountability is a fundamental value in the operations of Social Health Space Africa, SHeSA. We are responsible for our actions and decisions, taking ownership of their outcomes, and being answerable to our members, partners and stakeholders for the results. By embracing accountability, SHeSA builds trust, credibility, and confidence among stakeholders, which is essential for achieving its mission of advancing health systems and gender justice in Africa.

Where We Work

Social Health Space Africa (SHeSA) operates in the major informal settlements of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, and Kisumu, Kenya’s western Kenya Capital. SHeSA partners with schools and communities in all the eight regions in Kenya.

Our centres are located at the heart of the communities we operate in and are within a short distance from the targeted households, breaking the barrier of accessibility to critical services.

SHeSA has adapted its interventions to beneficiary needs through community engagement, innovation, and co-creation of activities with target groups.