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We Are Building Equitable, Inclusive and Resilient Communities for Adolescents with Disabilities

Who we are

Social Health Space Africa (SHeSA) is a community-driven organization registered in Kenya that is working to end exclusion, discrimination, and violence towards adolescents with disabilities in marginalized communities. We work to reach those furthest from necessary services and opportunities by working with their caregivers and the communities around them. This helps these vulnerable group to build better lives for themselves, grow their resilience, and cultivate

Where We Work

Social Health Space Africa (SHeSA) operates in the major informal settlements of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, and Kisumu, Kenya’s western Kenya Capital. SHeSA partners with schools and communities in all the eight regions in Kenya.

Our centres are located at the heart of the communities we operate in and are within a short distance from the targeted households, breaking the barrier of accessibility to critical services.

What drives us

We believe that adolescents and young people with disabilities and their caregivers have the power to transform their lives. They have the ability to raise their voices against inequality, discrimination, and exclusion. We believe that we need to work alongside the systems within communities that hold them accountable to effect sustainable change. Adolescents are often underrepresented in many areas of the health sector, such as clinical research, medical education, social support and health policy decision-making

Our Programs

Social Health Support for Adolescents and Caregivers

SHeSA is committed to address the challenges posed by the HIV/ AIDS pandemic and promotes creation of resource centers aimed

Gender Equity & Human Centered Development

We believe that adolescents and youth, through the critical role they play in African society, hold ‘the key’ to the continent’s growth. SHeSA therefore promotes adolescents equal access to economic

Inclusive Education for disabled Adolescents and Youth

Learners with disabilities lack access to educational assessment services, and tailored learning support to enable them to benefit

Our Partners & Donors

SHeSA is seeking partnerships, collaborations, donations and funding from institutions and individual donations around the globe. SHeSA’s approach to engagement is reflected in its motto “Healthier Communities“, which captures the essence of mutual engagement in the reduction of poverty and bridge the gap for disabled Adolescents and Youth